Frequently Asked Questions

Top installers is pleased to provide answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on a wide variety of our products. If your questions are not answered on these pages, or you simply wish to speak with a Customer Service Representative, our customers can contact us toll free from anywhere in North America at 1-877-631-2845 or by email at

Who Can Sign Up?

Professional wood flooring installers, tile setters and decking and roofing installers are the first categories to be lauched in 2013. We will be adding more categories and regions every month so register today to be amongst the first on the site in your renovation category

Who Will See My Profile?

The professional profile you create on the TopInstallers site will be potentially accessible to thousands of site visitors looking for contractors with your skillset.

Are There Attached Costs To Creating A Profile?

No. is free join and free for users searching for quality installers. Our visitors will benefit from your expertise and commitment to a strong customer experience. Contractors will benefit from a review forum and an opportunity for reviews and customer interaction after their project is complete.

What Will You Do With My Information Once I Enter It?

Even though it’s our database that will hold it, we value the security of your personal information. For full details on this very important issue, please refer to our privacy policy.

What If I Want To Delete My Account?

No problem. There is no obligation or time commitment when your sign up for TopInstallers. If your basic account information was created from our research, you can claim and manage your profile by contacting us.

Where Can I Learn More About Finding a Top Installer?

We have launched our "Installer Insights" blog where you can find out news, trends, articles and resources for completing your renovation project with a qualified installer. Our article "How To Find a Top Installer" is a good starting point

When will you be launching in my city?

We have been testing and improving in California for our wood and tile flooring categories since November 2013. We plan to launch new West Coast regions in Feb 2014 and move east by March. Outdoor categories (decks, railings, siding and roofing) will be added early spring.

That said, the site has been developed so that installers can register their profile today so you can be among the first in your area to build a presence on We are already getting search traffic from across North America.